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Incognito 2022 is a part of Conoscenza that is conducted every year, in order to bring together students from colleges across the nation in healthy competition. The sole purpose of the event is to provide a platfom for students to showcase their knowledge and compete against other students. We have a range of activities and challenges that are both fun and educational for all geeks out there. It is a culmination of both, fun and technology.
The Department of IT
The Department of Information Technology offers education at undergraduate. It has a very able and skilled bunch of professors and researchers.The paramount aim is to offer the highest degree of theoretical and practical knowledge, encoded with a disciplined strength of mind to fully understand the vital sophistication of all technical and software technologies. Information Technology (IT) is an academic programme that emphasizes the basics of computer programming and networking. It is a realm of invention and application that always pushes you to accomplish more and there is never enough. This department has a long and storied history and has seen many advancements.
Shark Tank
Shark tank is a platform to showcase your engineer skill with an inculcation to your business aspects.
Blind Coding
When you can solve thousands of riddles by hearing, why not solve code without seeing? Let`s give it a try. You will be given two chances to view the code you type. One before execution and one after a test run. Better practice your coding and keyboard skills!
Want to chill out? You are at the right event. Guess the doodle in minimum time to gain advantage.
The event consists of 3 rounds of which 1 team member will have to be removed by the team leader after each round. The description of the rounds will be disclosed on spot so beware of who you remove from the team.
UX` Plorer
Geeky nerds, this is the right event for you all. Your imagination can be reverted into a real time product, all you have to do is design your imagination and present it.
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